Deciphering Undruggable by ALLOSTERY

Inventing small molecule in the realm of drug discovery fostered by protein dynamics

Leveraging our cutting-edge technology based on protein dynamics, Nutshell is fostering a new era of drug discovery…

Our AlloStar allosteric drug discovery platform, composed of a powerful and well-integrated set of computational modules and experimental tools based on our proprietary AI algorithm and deep know-how derived from biochemistry and biophysics, possesses the unique capability to discover a host of drug entities including various types of protein activators, subtype/mutation selective small molecules, regulatory molecules of protein-protein interaction (PPI) and stabilizer of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), thus opening up an unprecedented new horizon for small molecule innovation.

  • Sub-type selective allosteric inhibitor

  • Mutants selective allosteric inhibitor

  • Enzyme allosteric activator

  • Protein-protein interaction modulator

  • Disordered protein stabilize modulator

Current Pipeline

  • Project
  • Indication
  • MoA
  • Discovery
  • Hit-to-Lead
  • PCC
  • Clinical I-III
  • NST001
    Solid Tumor
    Allosteric Activator
  • NST004
    Blood Tumor
    PPI Inhibitor
  • NST005
    Solid Tumor
    Allosteric Inhibitor
  • NST007
    Solid Tumor
    Allosteric Reactivator
  • NST008
    Solid Tumor
    Allosteric Inhibitor
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